With the Unique Fusion of Australian Native Flavours
& an Old Russian Recipe Handed Down Through the Paths of Time.
We Are Delighted in Bringing to You...

P: 0400 384 311

A True Hand Made Chocolate,
Using Traditional Russian Methods.
Each Chocolate is Individually
Hand Rolled, Hand Dipped & Hand Wrapped

Weddings, Conferences, Functions,
Special Events, Corporate Gifts & Expos,
Hotels, Retail & Wholesale.

We believe that a hand made product
is unique & memorable.
Created with a connoisseurs passion infusing soul
into each item, as each chocolate is carefully handled &
monitored with individual detail.
Hand made supports our philosophy of treading lightly
on natural resources, nurturing our environment
by decreasing emissions and fossil fuels.
....A life of mindfulness and passion.

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